Sapphire: A Tale of the Cold War

1693212“A young woman navigates a maelstrom of danger, deceit, and crisis during perhaps the most dangerous period of the Cold War, the years 1954 to 1961.”–Publishers Weekly

“How does this author get in the head of a female spy in the 1960s? What’s more–how does he get into the White House as JFK talks arms deals? Well, with a little bit of applied knowledge and a hefty dose of inspiration.” —Sara Schreiber, Goltune

“Graham has a lot of incredible material at his disposal in this refreshing historical thriller.”

“The book is historically accurate, despite the fictional main characters, and will introduce readers to some of the little known intrigue in Hungary, Jordan, and Iran at a time when the U.S. and Russia were plotting moves and counter-moves…. Ambassador Thomas Graham Jr. … clearly knows the territory.”–BlueInk Review

“Graham successfully invents believable scenarios, adeptly weaving in characters both real and fictitious…. An enjoyable, well-developed addition to Cold War espionage thrillers.”–Kirkus Review

Sapphire: A Tale of the Cold War by Thomas Graham, Jr. (AuthorHouse, 2014) ISBN: 978-1-4969-2785-9