America: The Founder’s Vision

AMERICA The Founders' Vision cover onlyIn today’s heated political climate, we commonly hear, “That’s not what the Founders intended” or “The nation’s Founders addressed that.” What did our country’s Founders really say-about liberty, democracy, the role of states, the military, equal protection under the law, First Amendment rights, fake news in campaigns, honesty in government, foreign influence, freedom of religion, freedom of the press and more. This book gathers the Founder’s original words from the Federalist Papers, the National Archives, various presidential libraries, and other sources to create America: The Founders’ Vision.

The Founders knew the temptations posed by power, money, and fame, and they lived in a time when demagogues and other would-be tyrants were not in short supply.   Democracy is currently under threat from authoritarians the world over, on a scale perhaps not seen since the 1930s. In this volume, the Founders have much to say that can help us defend democracy today and preserve it for future generations.

Graham, Thomas, Jr., “Remarks on America: The Founders’ Vision“, Louisville, KY: Butler Books, 201, book signing at the home of Edward T. Miller in Washington, DC on April 3, 2018.

“This is a rich book. One can read it all in a single sitting, or take a moment to read a passage or two at a time. Whatever one’s preference, one cannot but feel fortunate that, at a moment in history, these singular individuals-well read, thoughtful, and experienced-came together to form a nation. Luckily for us, they also wrote. We’re also fortunate that Tom Graham has chosen those passages that are particularly relevant for us today as we continue the work of providing liberty and justice for all.”

— Kathleen Kennedy Townsend

“Beyond the arts and pop culture, the Founders are gaining in popularity because of these strange times of rising nationalism and potential threats from authoritarians. Graham’s purpose of ‘to raise awareness of what our Founders meant for this country’ is more pressing than ever in this time of great strain on America’s ‘binding principles.'” —

Jacobs, Michelle. Rev. of America: The Founders Vision by Thomas Graham, Jr. The US Review of Books. 2018. 


America: The Founder’s Vision by Thomas Graham, Jr. (Butler Books, 2017) ISBN: 981-1-941953-53-2